Friday, September 26, 2008

Push Poll From Will Kraus

Willy Boy is at it again. Got a push poll call the other day, and when I asked who paid for it, the caller said it was paid for by the Kraus campaign. The poll asked the usual right-wing GOP questions, pushing the social issues buttons like gun-control and abortion. Yada yada yada. Go for it, Will. Voters are getting sick and tired of your GOP nonsense, when they have no health care and their mortgages are bigger that the worth of their homes.

Will Kraus, campaigning like it's 2004.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you get your own "health care", why should I have to pay for it??
What does the GOP have to do with a 0 down mortgage, the democrats pushed these type losns, why do think the democrats are not calling for hearings and investigations into this credit mess???

Anonymous said...

I have had an office in downtown Raytown for years.
It, and downtown Raytown, are a dump.

And whats all this Eastern Jac talk?

Republican or Democrat, its all run by an elite few of legal eagles and politicos.

Who ya kiddin, sport?

Municipal Court Cheap Suit Legal Eagle.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

Before I make a few phone calls, do you have blog insurance?