Friday, September 26, 2008

Mike Sharp seems to be doing the work

As you know, we here at RPA were and still are fans of John Bullard, and had high hopes that he would be the new Jackson County Sheriff. But that was not to be. The wind against John set up by Sharp's money and the support from county Dem leaders, plus the usual behaviour of Freedom Inc. was too much to take down.

So now we have Mike Sharp as the Democratic candidate. While not totally sure about how he will perfom as Sheriff, we have been pleased to see that Sharp is working with Democratic candidates in Eastern Jack. We saw him at a Joe Volpe event in Lee's Summit, along with Minority Leader Paul LaVota and several other Democratic House candidates. We also saw him at a Raytown Democratic Association breakfast fundraiser.

It is hopeful to see someone who did not seem to us too be an active Democrat now out there using his obvious popularity in the Lee's Summit area to help Democratic candidates get elected.

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Donald Raymond Lake said...

Well, is it good for Raytown? Is it good for Lee's Summit? Is it good for KC including Hickman's Mill?
How good can [Not So] Sharp's manipulation of School Board Number One for a next to nothing benefit of a QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR FENCE at Ruskin be?
Dress up the old chain link via vines or grape stakes ---for pennies on the dollar!
This is a Leno or Letterman spot just waiting to happen!