Monday, July 28, 2008

Kraus will lie to you.

Will Kraus will do whatever it takes to escape the GOP brand this year. He will pull out labor endorsements, put fake Democrats on his mail pieces, and just flat-out lie about his "independence." It did not work in Raytown in '06, as the Moreno campaign convinced Raytowners of Kraus's deep Republican connections. Kraus lost the Raytown vote, and the Kansas City vote. Only the right-wing folks who came out in Lee's Summit to vote against the Stem Cell initiative kept Willy Boy in office.

Remember, KRAUS IS A REPUBLICAN, and HE WILL LIE TO YOU about it. Count on it.


Anonymous said...

I seen the article in the Post last week on Kraus. Kraus is a different cat in Jeff City . His voting record sucks if your a blue collar dude. Why are Labor people supporting him? Is he really a Republican? When he came to my door he said he was a Dem. The paper said he was a native and then said he grew up in Sedalia or something like that. Where is this cat from? Why is he a Republican now? Why is he telling voters he's a Democrat? Did he trade parties? The Post needs to find out why Kraus Lied to them. I like reading the Post, I am sure they were lied to also.

Anonymous said...

He's always been a Republican but passed himself off as a Democrat. Little League soccer is a great place to get to know someone.