Monday, July 21, 2008

Dobson is a hypocrite

Today right-wing mulluh James Dobson, who a year ago said he could not vote for John McCain because of the flagrant infidelity he inflicted on his first wife (you know, the woman McCain dumped because she lost her hottness after a car wreck) has now changed his tune. In a half-hour screed against Barrak Obama, Dobson dropped the bomb that he could support McCain. This proves that Dobson and the folks at Focus on the Family are nothing more than a tax-exempt arm of the GOP political smear-machine.

Being a hyper-partisan Republican, Dobson has decided that who sits on the Supreme Court is more important than his own conviction or integrity. I guess McSame's screwing around does not have the importance to Dobson that it once did, so long as he gives the uber-Christians the judges they want.

Dobson is part of the old guard of evangelicalism that is thankfully being more and more marginalized by younger evangelicals. The day when no one in the Christian world cares what James Dobson says or thinks will be a great day for our nation, and for the faith.

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