Monday, November 24, 2008

Some sweet Fall Election numbers

Well, we have some great numbers from Raytown after this November's election. All the raw precinct numbers are from the Jackson County Election Board. President-elect Obama won in every Brookings precinct except one, and in that single precinct (BR19) McCain only won by 5 votes. The total ended up Obama-Biden 6,996 to McCain-Palin 4,971, which makes it Obama over McCain by 2,025 votes. That sure looks like a mandate from the Raytown electorate.

In the state races, Nixon and Carnahan cleaned up in our town. Nixon handed Hulshof his walking papers 7,932 to 3,782. Carnahan walked away with her race, winning by over 4,400. Sam Page took Raytown by 2,430 votes, even though he lost the overall race.

Democratic candidates took Raytown in every race but the one for the 48th House, where the odious Will Kraus kept his seat away from Joe Volpe by 623 Raytown votes. Make no mistake, as much as we dislike the man, Kraus campaigns hard to get re-elected. He came very close to unemployment in 2006 (losing Raytown and KC to Chris Moreno but making it up in Lee's Summit for a 3% victory) but even in a Democratic year, 2008 was pretty much a cake-walk for him.

Kraus is an anomaly who has figured out how to get Democrats to vote for a right-wing Republican, but don't let anyone tell you that Raytown is not a Democratic town. Barack Obama beat John McCain here by more almost 17%. Every other Democrat but Volpe simply wiped out their opposition in the Brookings precincts.

We'll leave you with a final stat. If you add up all the votes (in contested races only--it's even worse for the GOP if you add in races like Victor Callahan's) Democrats received in Raytown (61,950) and all those for Republican candidates (37,454) that means the people of Raytown cast 24,496 more Democratic votes than Republican votes. In percentage terms, 62% of votes in contested races were cast for Democrats.

Wow. Just wow.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Push Poll From Will Kraus

Willy Boy is at it again. Got a push poll call the other day, and when I asked who paid for it, the caller said it was paid for by the Kraus campaign. The poll asked the usual right-wing GOP questions, pushing the social issues buttons like gun-control and abortion. Yada yada yada. Go for it, Will. Voters are getting sick and tired of your GOP nonsense, when they have no health care and their mortgages are bigger that the worth of their homes.

Will Kraus, campaigning like it's 2004.

Mike Sharp seems to be doing the work

As you know, we here at RPA were and still are fans of John Bullard, and had high hopes that he would be the new Jackson County Sheriff. But that was not to be. The wind against John set up by Sharp's money and the support from county Dem leaders, plus the usual behaviour of Freedom Inc. was too much to take down.

So now we have Mike Sharp as the Democratic candidate. While not totally sure about how he will perfom as Sheriff, we have been pleased to see that Sharp is working with Democratic candidates in Eastern Jack. We saw him at a Joe Volpe event in Lee's Summit, along with Minority Leader Paul LaVota and several other Democratic House candidates. We also saw him at a Raytown Democratic Association breakfast fundraiser.

It is hopeful to see someone who did not seem to us too be an active Democrat now out there using his obvious popularity in the Lee's Summit area to help Democratic candidates get elected.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bob Gough steps in it

For those of you who don't know him, Bob Gough is a Rush Limbaugh wanna-be who spends his pitiful little life poring over campaign finance reports and filing nuisance suits against Democrats with the Ethics Commission. So when the Democratic 47th and 48th Legislative Committees goofed and sent Jason Norbury and Joe Volpe a few extra beans, ol' Bob sends up a flare and screams and stamps his wittle footsie.

Well, it seems that Joe Volpe, running to take Will Kraus' seat away and do some serious work in Jeff City, is not going to take things lying down. He let's it be known that Bob Gough has been banned from the Lee's Summit paper for racist editorials. Here's the statement from the Volpe camp:


A recent review of published opinion pieces reveal that Bob Gough, the Deputy Treasurer to Republican State Rep. Will Kraus, is on the record using racial remarks that had him banned from a local newspaper.

Joe Volpe, Democratic candidate in the 48th district, released the following statement:

"In the 21st century it is a shame people like Bob Gough get published. Knowing how racially diverse our district is, Republican Will Kraus should be ashamed to have a campaign affiliated with such remarks.

"Either Republican Will Kraus removes Bob Gough from his campaign and apologizes to the voters of his district for being affiliated with Bob Gough, or he fully agrees with such racist and extremist statements? It's that simple.

Bob Gough writes op-ed piece in the Lee's Summit Post-Tribune titled "Darwin and Intelligent Design" in which he claims predominantly African-American schools are incapable of distinguishing between God and Snoop Dog saying "In the Kansas City School District; they are incapable of teaching the three R's. Or anything else. Don't expect them to teach Intelligent Design. If they did, the material would be patterned after the teachings of Louis "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan with a little Reverend Al Sharpton thrown in. Add Gangsta Rap hymns from the Snoop Dog songbook to round out the religious program"

Bob Gough writes op-ed piece in the Lee's Summit Post-Tribune using the tragedy of a family who's home was invaded, without their permission, to lead into an extremist claim that Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II was a "marxist" and the "reason high violence in Kansas City exists". He also claimed that the home invaders were from Kansas City, when a police investigation hadn't concluded those findings.

Known extremist Bob Gough is the Deputy Treasurer of "Citizens for Will Kraus".

Known extremist Bob Gough is a key funder of Citizens for Will Kraus:

January 2006 quarterly report, 48th Legislative Committee-Republican, Bob Gough, Treasurer gives Kraus $800.

March 2006, 48th Legislative Committee-Republican, gives Kraus $200

November 2006, 48th Legislative Committee-Republican, Bob Gough Treasurer gives Kraus $1,325

January 2008 quarterly report, 48th Legislative Committee-Republican, Bob Gough, Treasurer gives Kraus $1,600

Kato again: It's good to see a local Dem ready to step up and smack a putz like Gough across the chops. Folks like Gough and Kraus are part of the Rove wing of the GOP--which now only has the Rove wing--and their leadership has taken our country in the wrong direction for far too long.

So good going, Joe! And keep it up.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mike Sharp admits to porn emails. UPDATED

We have no problem with adults viewing legal erotic materials in the privacy of their home, but to be sending them around law enforcement offices like a snickering teen-age boy shows a striking lack of maturity. Mike Sharp has admitted to this kind of juvenile behavior. (Update: registration with the Star might now be required to see the article.)

Perhaps we should look to a person with better judgment to revive our struggling county Sheriff's department. Besides, as we noted below, Sharp is most likely a Republican anyway.

UPDATE: Saturday, the Kansas City Star, which endorsed Sharp last week, withdrew its endorsement and instead recommends John Bullard for Sheriff. We agree. Too bad the Star had to base their initial choice on their usual 'what-big-wigs-support-him' method, and not the obvious skills and experience Bullard has that Sharp does not. Might have saved the paper some embarrassment...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The only good Republican... an indicted Republican. Senator Ted Stevens, (R-Alaska,) is now a good Republican. As Crooks and Liars says, so dirty, even the Bush Administration had to indict him. Here's the poop...

Sharp is a Republican

Have you noticed that Mike Sharp, candidate for Sheriff, almost never puts the word "Democrat" or the party graphic on his signs or billboards? You would think that would be a plus in a Democratic county, in a Democratic year.

Well, I think he got wise, because the new billboard at 75th and Wornall does mention the party. But mostly, in Eastern Jack, we see sights like this:

So it looks like Sharp is asking all his GOP buddies out in Lee's Summit to pull a Democratic ballot just to elect him Sheriff. It will be interesting to see how that works out for him with a nasty GOP gubenatorial primary...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kraus will lie to you.

Will Kraus will do whatever it takes to escape the GOP brand this year. He will pull out labor endorsements, put fake Democrats on his mail pieces, and just flat-out lie about his "independence." It did not work in Raytown in '06, as the Moreno campaign convinced Raytowners of Kraus's deep Republican connections. Kraus lost the Raytown vote, and the Kansas City vote. Only the right-wing folks who came out in Lee's Summit to vote against the Stem Cell initiative kept Willy Boy in office.

Remember, KRAUS IS A REPUBLICAN, and HE WILL LIE TO YOU about it. Count on it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dobson is a hypocrite

Today right-wing mulluh James Dobson, who a year ago said he could not vote for John McCain because of the flagrant infidelity he inflicted on his first wife (you know, the woman McCain dumped because she lost her hottness after a car wreck) has now changed his tune. In a half-hour screed against Barrak Obama, Dobson dropped the bomb that he could support McCain. This proves that Dobson and the folks at Focus on the Family are nothing more than a tax-exempt arm of the GOP political smear-machine.

Being a hyper-partisan Republican, Dobson has decided that who sits on the Supreme Court is more important than his own conviction or integrity. I guess McSame's screwing around does not have the importance to Dobson that it once did, so long as he gives the uber-Christians the judges they want.

Dobson is part of the old guard of evangelicalism that is thankfully being more and more marginalized by younger evangelicals. The day when no one in the Christian world cares what James Dobson says or thinks will be a great day for our nation, and for the faith.